Julie Jarvis

A Wyomingite, through-and-through.

Doctorate Degree in Educational Leadership

Director of Teaching and Learning, NCSD #1

Intercollegiate Athlete

Lifelong hunter and 2nd Amendment advocate

About Julie Jarvis

Wyoming through and through.

As the proud mom of a 20-year-old daughter and 18-year-old son attending Wyoming schools, Julie has spent much of the last two decades at sporting events, theater and choir concerts and helping with homework. Now that her youngest is graduating from Kelly Walsh High School this May, Julie is ready to shift her focus to a new lens of public service. Someday, Julie will retire in Wyoming, and she wants the future of our state to look like the Wyoming she grew up in – hardworking and neighborly.

Julie Jarvis represents the people

If you’re sick of the system, be part of the change.

Like you, Julie Jarvis is burnt out with the current state of politics; however, unlike other politicians, she has solutions. Government should be for the people by the people, so electing Julie will mean electing the people of House District 57. Voting members can complete a survey on all significant issues, including property tax, education, abortion, family, economics, and gun rights. The results will all be published on this website. Voters and transparency govern Julie Jarvis – not party lines, media mentions, or national interest groups. “I have just one vote, like every other district member,” she says. Isn’t this how government’s supposed to work?

Julie Jarvis is a Wyoming native

Wyoming roots run deeper.

A fourth-generation Basque Wyomingite, born and raised on a small farm outside of Buffalo, Julie lives and loves the Wyoming way. She grew up practicing conservative values – faith, family, sports, fishing, honesty, hunting, and living below your means. With the work ethic of a farm kid, she graduated Buffalo High School as a valedictorian while working two jobs, then played DII intercollegiate soccer and volleyball. Throughout her life, she’s worked in many of Wyoming’s proudest industries: concrete, oil and gas industry bookkeeping, lifeguarding, coaching, and across education. She is now the Director of Teaching and Learning in the Natrona County School District.

Julie Jarvis fights for parents’ rights

Parental and school partnerships are best for families.

Parents know what’s best for their kids. With a long-standing background in education, Julie understands the importance of proactive parents being involved in their child’s classroom. She is an unrelenting advocate of parental rights and will fight to keep decisions about your kids in your hands. Our state’s future depends on our youth, and they rely on an innovative, forward-thinking public education system accessible to all Wyoming students. With a master’s degree in elementary education and a doctorate in educational leadership, Julie will champion collaborative instruction.

Julie Jarvis fights for true freedom

True freedom is the right to make your own decisions.

Our communities and economy are strongest in the hands of hard-working Wyoming people, so Julie believes in the smallest government possible without compromising healthcare, safety, and the working people. Like many of us, Julie grew up hunting and practicing responsible gun ownership, and she is a defender of the Second Amendment. Economically, she will support initiatives to promote small business success and bring more jobs into our state. According to Julie, the less government involvement, the better. “At the end of the day, you answer to God – not the government,” she says.
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